something becomes nothing, nothing became something

Daehyun Kim is the wind. Sometimes he shape shifts into a contemporary samurai monk of sorts, always baring a satchel full of complex ink sets, a reed tip and three micro pens. He is also known as Moonassi, a Korean-born non-fiction graphic designer and illustrator based in Seoul. When I first came across his astonishing illustrations, I found myself dissolving into a quicksand abyss of deep self reflection only to be plunged back into the present by the chance taste of tears.

Under the very facile surface of his simple black and white compositions of two unisex characters, lie a deliciously intriguing conceptual maze of existential, rhetorical, rhizomatic magnitude. Employing strong thematic and stylistic influence from traditional Eastern Asian Art and Buddhist philosophy, Moonassi’s illustrations speak to infinite subjects or perhaps the careful rendering of the many adventures from his past and present lives.


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  1. Very cool! I especially like the first one– sometimes I go all to pieces myself… : )


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